Hour of Devastation – All New Modern League

Tuesday, Jul 18 2017 5:00PM @ 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Every Tuesday July 18-September 26

The old modern league was getting to be pretty stale, so it’s time

for a change. Starting July 18, the league will switch back to being

Tuesday only,this time with different prize support and a top 16 to

look forward to at the end of the league.

Prize Support

4-0: $35 Store Credit

3-0- 1: $25 Store Credit

3-1: $15 Store Credit

2-0- 1: 2 Standard Packs

2-2: 1 Standard Pack

This prize support may look lower than before, but don’t worry,

there’s a reason. The overall prize payout will be the same, but the

missing credit will be added to a pool that will pay for the top 16

prizes at the end of the league. On September 16, the top 16

players will play in a free championship event. The prize pool will

be used to buy modern staples and other prizes and the top 16 will

be playing for pick order for those prizes.

To get into the championship, the store will track how many match points

each player earns throughout the events and the 16 highest point total

players will be chosen to play! You will earn 3 points per match win and 3

points for attending the event.

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