Arcadia Quest: Pets


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Product Description

Arcadia Just Got Cuter! The evil witch Vexia has taken up residence in the garden in the center of Arcadia, and she’s conducting all sorts of creepy experiments! The Heroes are going to need the help of some animal companions to take on this foe in Arcadia Quest: Pets, which unleashes Pets to player’s Guilds, each with their own miniature and dashboard.

This expansion comes with 12 cute and cuddly critters, like Puff the Dragon, Padfeet the Wolfie, and Rawr the Lion, each with its own miniature, stat card, and dashboard. These lovable additions might not do a lot of damage on their own, but they’ll change the dynamic of battles by giving buffs to friends or debuffs to enemies around them.

As you adventure on, the Pets will be able to grow and evolve, gaining more powerful abilities as they go. Plus, there’s special Pet treasure you can find, letting you equip your Pet with armor or giving them new powers.