Arkham Horror LCG: A Phantom of Truth Mythos Pack




Months after The Yellow King played at the Ward Theatre, your investigation into the strange events surrounding the play has left you with more questions than answers. You’ve encountered Cultists, Lunatics, and Monsters. You’ve uncovered horrific Schemes of untold scope. And you’ve witnessed Terrors that may or may not have been Omens of greater perils. All these things brought you, recently, to pay a short visit to Arkham’s asylum. And now you’ve walked out, wondering what to make of everything that you’ve seen. So where do you go for answers when your world’s tilting into madness? The answer: Paris. Your trip to Paris is fated to be eventful as you hope to gain some answers from the play’s director, Nigel Engram. But will you find the man for whom you’re looking? Or will someone – or something – find you instead?

The third Mythos Pack in The Path to Carcosa Cyclefor Arkham Horror: The Card GameA Phantom of Truth further delves into the mysteries behind The King in Yellow, introducing a new set of clues along with supernatural terrors that play upon your growing Doubt or Conviction. Amid these horrors, you’ll find twenty-two new player cards (two copies each of eleven different cards) to help you stay grounded and pursue the truth.