Product Description

In the ongoing race between tank armour and anti-tank

guns, even the 6 pdr would not be powerful enough for

long. The answer was the huge 17-pounder. The barrel

was ready by May 1942, but the carriage still needed

work, so in an effort to rush the gun into service to deal

with the arrival of heavy German Panzers like the Tiger,

The FLAK 36 or simply “88” was the most feared German

weapon of the war. Excellent as both a medium anti-
aircraft gun and field gun when pressed, it was most

famous as an anti-tank gun, especially in the desert. High

velocity projectiles combined with a high rate of fire

rounded out the threat, though it was vulnerable to HE

fragmentation rounds.

a temporary hybrid solution

was created by mounting the

gun on a 25 pdr carriage. The

resulting 17/25-pounder,

codenamed the ‘Pheasant’,

first saw action at the Battle

of Medenine in March 1943.

Product Contents:

• 2 x Plastic 17 pdr Guns

• 2 x plastic 8th Army Crew


• 1 x Unit Cards