Hordes: Skorne: Dominar Morghoul Warlock Unit


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Product Description

After a lifetime spent bloodying his hands on behalf of others, Morghoul has emerged from the world of shadows to command a house like no other—the paingivers. In battle, Dominar Morghoul is attended by two paingiver escorts who aid him in crippling his foes so that his blade may find purchase, and he empowers his army with mortitheurgical might so that they may shift like the sands of the desert to swiftly fell their foes.

The lethal master assassin of the Skorne Empire has returned, ready to lead his warriors to quick and bloody victory. With a feat that grants Acrobatics, Overtake, and Parry Dominar Morghoul pairs best with fast moving melee troops like Praetorian Swordmen with the Praetorian Swordsmen Officer and Standard Bearer (PIP 74078 and PIP 74031), Praetorian Keltarii (PIP 74078), and Praetorian Ferox (PIP 74025).