Kharnage: The Dark Rampage Army Expansion


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Product Description

You can see it before you now: the hill. Stumpy and unimposing, it’s barely worth recognizing as battlefield terrain. From its summit, a dwarf could gain a somewhat unobstructed viewpoint for nearly a quarter-mile in some directions. But, wait! You’re not alone at this hill – in fact, three enemy armies are already converging on this same worthless piece of land. In an instant, the tactical insignificance of the hill couldn’t matter less. There’s only one thing on the minds of your warriors now: charging headlong into the enemy formation, cutting down your foes, and creating a scene of war like never seen before! It’s time to make some Kharnage!

Kharnage is a fast-paced, tactical card game for two to four players that puts you and your opponents in command of massive fantasy armies. Each turn, you’ll select your strategy and call upon new reinforcements to join you in battle. Then, you’ll use your newly arrived forces to smash your opponents’ armies and create a scene of total chaos! Whether you’re fighting for the Dwarves, the Humans, the Goblins, or the Orcs, Kharnage invites you to command a unique army with a distinct fighting style. Muster your forces, lead them to war, and collect the skulls of your enemies!

Bring a new army to your chaotic Kharnage battles with The Dark Rampage Army Expansion! These dark reanimates will hardly stay dead, and they’ll even call upon the slain warriors of other armies to swell their own ranks. And if your battles aren’t nearly bloody enough already, The Dark Rampage allows you to add another combatant to your games of Kharnage, playing with up to five players.