Magic the Gathering CCG: Duel Decks Mind vs. Might


Product Description

Each Duel Deck comes with two ready-to-play, 60-card decks, two deck boxes, 10 creature tokens, two Spindown life counters, a strategy insert, and a rules reference card.

Duel Decks let players dive right into battle with ready-to-play, sixty-card decks that contain powerful cards united by a theme. Will calculated schemes of the mind outwit and prevail? Or will the pure, bold power of might triumph? Test your guile and brute force with Mind vs. Might Duel Decks for Magic: The Gathering!

The face of ‘Mind’ is Jhoira of the Ghitu, one of the greatest minds we’ve seen spring from Dominaria. As a former student of the prestigious Tolarian Academy, Jhoira is a master artificer and was even the original captain of the skyship Weatherlight. As such, she is known for her skills at inventing new devices and tinkering with existing ones. Due to her experiences at the epicenter of some significant temporal disasters and her background with time mages Barrin and Teferi, Jhoira also harbors a deep understanding of chronomancy, the magic of time manipulation. These talents with chronomancy are center-stage in ‘Mind’, an instant-and-sorcery-matters deck with ridiculous levels of synergy woven throughout its constructions.

Leading ‘Might’ is another denizen of Dominaria: Lovisa Coldeyes, an imposing warrior who fights with a shield and a massive axe. As chieftain of Balduvia, Lovisa is a natural leader of Barbarians and Warriors from all backgrounds, and her mere presence on a battlefield is enough to inspire a surge of strength and vigor in her allies. In short, Lovisa is an eminent combatant and, fittingly, her deck aims to deliver a constantly escalating beatdown!