Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia


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Product Description

Beneath the streets of the great city of Arcadia, far from the eyes of its citizens, lies the Masmorra: a magic dungeon created to train and test those brave Heroes who seek to join Arcadia’s powerful guilds.

But, during the latest crisis to shake the city, the terrible wizard Malaphyas took the dungeon by storm, turning it into his personal lair of doom. Now, the Heroes must delve deep into this perilous, monster-infested dungeon, brave its treacherous corridors, and free the city from another major threat.

In Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia, 2 to 5 players each control a single Hero, competing against all other Heroes. They must explore the rooms of the dungeon, defeating monsters, evading traps, and collecting gold in order to be the first to reach the highest experience level.

As the Heroes go exploring, the dungeon is revealed room by room, creating a different layout each time you play. Whenever a Hero moves into an unexplored section, they draw a dungeon tile, adding a new feature to the dungeon. Dungeon tiles contain all sorts of suprises, such as monster spawns, gold stashes, deadly traps, healing fountains, dangerous chasms, teleportation gates, and even huge rooms filled with both terrifying foes and mesmerizing treasure! When stairs are found, the Heroes can go even deeper into the dungeon, accessing a different set of even more challenging and rewarding dungeon tiles.

While Heroes don’t directly fight each other inside the Masmorra (the Guild Code is oddly strict about that), they still have many tricks up their sleeves to hurt their opponents. At the end of their turn, each player gets to control the Monsters a little bit, possibly throwing them on top of the other Heroes (just be careful you’re not just helping them kill more foes more quickly). But most of all, the Treasure cards Heroes are able to gather can either be used to help themselves, or to hinder others in a myriad of colorful ways. There is no player elimination in Masmorra, but getting killed can set you back quite a bit with some XP and Treasure loss.