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Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe

Take in hand thine blade! Battle every enemy thou meetest! Foully betray thine companions, and make off with their treasure! Prepare to fire the Shakespearean Canon in this Shakespeare-themed edition of Munchkin, the hit card game of monster-slaying, punnery, and backstabbing. Et tu, Brute?

Use your Shake Spear to Break the Fourth Wall, Praise Caesar, and Fake Your Death! Munchkin Shakespeare is Much Ado About Nothing and can be played as a standalone game for up to six players (or playwrights), or used to add a touch of “drama” to any Munchkingame. Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe comes with a custom six-sided die, and a game board and standies for tracking your level, all illustrated by fan-favorite John Kovalic.