New Unlock! Mystery Adventures from Asmodee & Space Cowboy!


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New Unlock! Mystery Adventures from Asmodee & Space Cowboy!

You’ve already explored the secret, underground laboratory of a scientist, thwarted a supervillain’s dastardly plot, and worked to reunite your team after crash-landing on the island of an eccentric billionaire. Now, three new adventures test your mettle with three new chances to escape from certain danger in Unlock! Mystery Adventures.

A haunted house. An undersea submarine. Pirate treasure buried on Tonipal Island. Like the three previously released Unlock! adventures, each of these new adventures captures the pulse-pounding excitement and devilish puzzles of an escape room and brings it to your tabletop in a single deck of cards.

While the Unlock! companion app ticks away the seconds and offers hints when you need them, you and a group of your friends must use your logic and deductive skills to find the solutions to a series of interconnected puzzles and escape the room. With the perfect mixture of intuitive mechanics, cunning puzzles, and only an hour to escape, each Unlock!adventure is a self-contained experience in a single box.

Just as in a physical escape room, each Unlock! adventure begins with you trapped inside a room. Whether that room takes the form of a haunted house, a submarine tunnel, or a pirate prison, you have just one objective: escape! But there are devious puzzles that you’ll need to solve before you can crack the last code – and you’ll need to move quickly, because time is running out!