Pathfinder RPG: Campaign Setting: Taldor, The First Empire




The first – and at one point, largest – empire in Avistan after the devastation of Earthfall, Taldor has stood for millennia, and though its neighboring nations snicker at its lavish parties and out-of-touch nobility, none dare challenge the mother empire’s might! With six millennia of history spanning the breadth of a continent, Taldor is a land of long-buried secrets and ruins, partnered with modern cutthroat dramas and political action. Secrets and treasure abound across Taldor – many forgotten, but far more deliberately buried. Will you fight to preserve the glorious traditions of the past, or pave the way for a reformed Taldor to attain new heights?

Explore its deadly politics, lost history, and towering monuments inĀ Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Taldor – The First Empire. Taldor is a land of contradictions, indescribable splendor and urban decay, saturated with history both fondly remembered and deliberately forgotten. Discover incredible wealth by plumbing the First Empire’s storied past and battling its great threats, or meet terrible ruin on perfumed lips and heady wines.