Ragers: Champions of the Arena


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It’s better to let professionals draw first blood! Every year, all tribes gather for the Great Thing. Supervised by feared judges and in the face of ruthless deities, each and every individual who feels harmed or wronged may prove their rights on the bloodied sands of the Arena of the Righteous, challenge the alleged wrongdoer to single combat, and seek retribution for any crime – or, at least, that’s what the Ancient Law dictates. Unstoppable Veterans, mighty Bashers, cunning Chancers, and daring Ragers enter the Arena to fight for justice (and good money!). Two teams assemble in the pits – the Accusers and the Defenders. Only one team can emerge victorious, bringing glory to their master. Will you lead them to victory, or let their fate be doomed? Ragers: Champions of the Arena is a game of wits and bluff for two players.