Star Wars LCG: Technological Terror Force Pack


Product Description


The Star Wars galaxy is a place where unbelievable technology is commonplace. Blasters fire lethal bolts of energy, hyperdrives propel ships many times faster than the speed of light, and sentient, sapient droids fill every conceivable role in society. Still, these great technologies are not inherently good or bad — they only reflect the morals of those who use them. And in the hands of the Galactic Empire, even the most impressive technology can become a weapon of evil.

Delve into the stunning technologies of Star Wars with Technological Terror, the sixth Force Pack in the Opposition Cycle for Star Wars: The Card Game. Within this pack’s five unique objective sets, you’ll find astromechs, assassin droids, Imperial shuttles, and beat-up Skyhoppers. The two Death Stars, constructed in A New Hope and Return of the Jedi, wield the nearly unimaginable power to wipe out an entire planet in one devastating superlaser blast. Now, it’s time for the Imperial Navy to wield that same power in Star Wars: The Card Game! Of course, before you can see your battle station fully armed and operational, you have to build it!