Starfinder RPG: Core Rulebook Hardcover


Product Description

The Starfinder Roleplaying Game puts you in the role of a bold science-fantasy explorer, investigating the mysteries of a weird and magical universe as part of a starship crew.

Will you delve for lost artifacts in the ruins of alien temples? Strap on rune-enhanced armor and a laser rifle to battle undead empires in fleets of bone ships, or defend colonists from a swarm of ravenous monsters? Maybe you’ll hack into the mainframe of a god-run corporation, or search the stars for clues to the secret history of the universe or brand-new planets to explore. Whether you’re making first contact with new cultures on uncharted worlds or fighting to survive in the neon-lit back alleys of Absalom Station, you and your team will need all your wits, combat skill, and magic to make it through. But, most of all, you’ll need each other.

A new science fantasy RPG based on the Pathfinder universe and rules, but complete and standalone, the Starfinder Roleplaying Game is backward compatible, so you can still use all those Pathfinder RPG bestiaries, while accessing all sorts of new classes, races, equipment, and other elements uniquely suited to a far-future setting. You want to play a lashunta technomancer using magic to hack the defense grid, or an android assassin with a laser rifle, or a ysoki ratfolk mechanic clambering around the guts of a spaceship as you blast your way through the enemy blockade? This is the place for it! There’s also new races you’ve never seen before, new worlds beyond Golarion’s system that we’ve never visited, new twists on magic and the rules system itself – and, of course, tons and tons of cool science fantasy gear, from starships and computers to infinitely sharp zero-edge swords and rune-augmented plasma cannons.

This massive hardcover rulebook is the essential centerpiece of the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, with rules for character creation, magic, gear, and more – everything you need to play Starfinder.