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Conflict: Storyteller’s Deck

This 80-card deck is filled with inspiring ways to describe the delicate nuances of your world. Each card contains action words to spark the imagination, followed by multiple examples of their use. The perfect addition to spice up any players’ experience!


Broken up into 6 individual sets, each set is separately illustrated by Rafael Dorsz and printed on large 4.25” x 2.75” (Tarot-sized) cards.


Conflict: Storyteller’s Deck is System Neutral.


The 80 Cards are broken down into 6 sets, they are:

12 Ill Intent Cards (Villain or Antagonist)

12 Expressions Cards (Expressions, Emotions, Reactions and Feelings)

12 Character Distinctions Cards (Making your Characters memorable)

12 Environment Cards (Describe memorable Landscapes)

12 Pain Cards (How do you describe pain?)

12 Labyrinth Cards (Describe exciting Labyrinths and Dungeons)