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Tyler Sigman’s Crows is a competitive tile placement game where every player takes on the role of an Outcast Mage in the world of Tessandor. A once-in-a-lifetime event is causing the crows of the Obsidian Wastes to give off mana that can be collected in magical stones. Players score points by enticing crows to flock to their totem (their shiny object). This can potentially create murders of crows, which then disperse throughout the ever-changing map keeping the strategic gameplay tense and diverse.
61 Map Tiles
1 Nightfall Tile
1 First Player Token
59 Mana Stone Tokens
4 Mana Corruption Tokens
36 Wooden Crows
1 Queen
4 Mana Tokens
24 Spell Cards
4 Character Cards
Ages: 10+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 30-45 minutes