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Flash Gordon: Box Set

Everything You Need to Play in the Savage World of Flash Gordon™!


  • Sturdy collector’s box to hold all your books, dice, and Bennies!
  • The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ RPG (192-page hardcover book!)
  • Kingdoms of Mongo Sourcebook (192-page hardcover book!)
  • Tri-Fold Game Master Screen + 32-page Adventure “Journey to the Center of Mongo”
  • Combat Map 1: Arboria & War Rocket
  • Combat Map 2: Coralia & Fast Pursuit Rocket
  • Double Action Decks (two decks of playing cards used for initiative in Savage Worlds)
  • Bennies (INCLUDING five Conviction chips featuring Flash Gordon™!) (set of 25)
  • Custom Dice with Savior of the Universe Wild Die!
  • Map of Mongo!
  • Set of 6 Cliffhanger Cards!
  • Set of 4 Gorgeous Bookmarks!
  • Combat Chart!
  • Set of 9 Ready to Play Pre-Generated Archetype Characters!
  • A Set of 2 Propaganda Prints!

This product requires the Savage Worlds core rules to play.