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KeyForge: Call of the Archons Archon Deck

The World’s First Unique Deck Game

KeyForge offers easy to learn, fast-paced gameplay with completely unique decks, each deck unlike any other KeyForgedeck in existence. Every deck invites you to embody a totally distinct Archon, displayed on the back of every card in the deck with their own unique name and design. Your deck also contains a distinct mix of creatures, artifacts, and abilities from three of the Crucible’s seven Houses!

Each Archon Deck offers a complete play experience, and the deck cannot be changed through deckbuilding, challenging you to make tactical decisions and discover the synergies within each deck. The unique mix of cards and Houses in each deck makes mastering every new play style and combination of Houses a thrilling challenge for every new deck you encounter. As you are thrown into battles where the tides can change at any moment, you are immersed in your role as the leader of your alliance to experience a game unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Welcome to the Jungle

To achieve victory, you will need to call upon the skills of every House within your Archon Deck. Each House features an incredible array of beings with their own culture and technology, now incorporated into the Crucible. At the beginning of each turn, you must make the tough, tactical decision of declaring which House you will play that turn—and for that turn, you are only allowed to play, fight, and reap Æmber with cards from that faction.

The boisterous warriors of Brobnar value strength above all, while the corrupted demons of Dis rely on sorcery and dark machines. The logical scholars of Logos bring technology into every phase of their lives, but the diverse creatures of Untamed find comfort in the wilds, rejecting automation. The empire of Mars has remained intact on the Crucible, while the cunning rogues of the Shadows faction have fully embraced their new home, seizing every opportunity to pull a job or swindle another House. And the angelic members of Sanctum seek the same enlightenment as their Archons, valuing peace and virtue above the conflict that runs rampant throughout the Crucible. Now, each of these uniquely strong Houses must struggle alongside unlikely comrades and strange companions to aid their Archon… but which alliances will be powerful enough to achieve victory?