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Power Grid Recharged (2nd Edition)

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After 15 years, Power Grid, the hugely popular and award­-winning game, is being upgraded. In March 2019, Power Grid Recharged (RIO559) will replace Power Grid (RIO240).

Small but meaningful improvements have been made to the game including updated rules to improve gameplay, an updated player order tracker, new reference cards, and a discount token to enhance power plant auctions.

Power Grid Recharged will be compatible with all previous Power Grid expansions.

2-6 players
Ages 13+
90 minute play time


  • Double-sided game board
  • 132 Wooden houses in 6 colors
  • 84 Wooden resource tokens
  • 11 summary cards
  • 42 Power plant cards
  • Money in 4 denominations
  • Auction hammer
  • 2 Step barriers
  • “Step 3” card
  • Discount token
  • Rulebook