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Warcry Card Packs Dispenser 3

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    • Warcry rules for 8 existing factions, supplied in a dispenser

    – 2x Khorne Bloodbound
    – 2x Nurgle Maggotkin
    – 3x Seraphon
    – 2x Khorne Daemons
    – 2x Nurgle Daemons
    – 3x Sylvaneth
    – 2x Headonites of Slaanesh
    – 2x Stormcast Sacrosanct Chamber

    • Each set includes fighter cards, a warband ability card, and divider cards
    • Once the WARCRY CARDS DISPENSER 3 sells out, the card packs will be sold individually. In the .xls file at the bottom of the email, you can unhide rows 15-22 for the individual codes and prices.