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Blood Bowl: Necromantic Team Pitch


Set of Necromantic Horror Team-themed double-sided pitch and dugouts. Includes rules for Fading Light Pitch on one side and a Dead of Night pitch on the other.


Blood Bowl: Necromantic Horror Team


Contains 14 brand new multipart plastic Citadel miniatures: 6 Zombie Linemen, 2 Werewolves, 2 Wraiths, 2 Ghoul Runners and 2 Flesh Golems. As well as 4 balls, 2 Team Tokens, 2 Turn and Reroll counters. Contains rules in English, French, German and Spanish inside the box.


Blood Bowl: Rulebook


136-page hardback book with Spot UV finish and red ribbon page marker that contains everything that a new player would need to know in order to play Blood Bowl. Includes rules and rosters for 21 Teams, 23 Star Players that are already existing from Season One. This book is already included in the core game box set.


Blood Bowl: Second Season Edition


The brand new edition of Blood Bowl containing everything needed to play including the 136 page hardback ‘Blood Bowl – The Official Rules’ book that contains all the rules for the new edition of the game. Contains 30 pre-coloured plastic Citadel Miniatures, including 2 Star Players, 2 Big Guys, 2 Referees and 12 miniatures in each team. Also includes 14 Blood Bowl dice, 3 templates, a double-sided pitch and 2 doublesided dugouts as well as 2 quick reference sheets to help when playing the game.


Warhammer 40,000: Indomitus Playing Cards


A deck of 54 cards, over 4 unique Warhammer 40,000 themed suits, including 2 Jokers. Features some of the best and most iconic Warhammer 40,000 art, packaged in a deck box featuring Era Indomitus artwork.


Age of Sigmar: Jakkob Bugmansson XI


This year’s seasonal miniature is available for a limited time only, until 3rd January 2021, Jakkob Bugmansson, a descendant of the famous Joseph Bugman. Shown wearing the regalia of the Kharadron Overlords, holding a pint of Bugman’s XXXXXX ale, with a mighty axe by his side, while also carrying a brewing flagon upon his back. Comes with a choice of two heads, both helmeted and unhelmeted.


Age of Sigmar: Broken Realms: Morathi (HB)


Narrative expansion, that begins the next narrative epoch for Warhammer Age of Sigmar – a must have for any fan of the narrative. A linked campaign of 6x battleplans, allowing customers to replay the narrative, as well as Realm of Battle rules for the Realms of Aqshy, Ulgu and The Eightpoints. Includes Battletome Updates for 5 Age of Sigmar Factions: – Stormcast Eternals, Daughters of Khaine, Idoneth Deepkin, Slaves to Darkness and Cities of Sigmar. Also includes 10 Warscroll Battalions and 6x updated Warscrolls.


Age of Sigmar: Shadow and Pain


Box set contains 38 plastic Citadel Miniatures.


  • 3 linked Battleplans to recreate the narrative of this set
  • 2 Warscroll Battalions
  • 1 Lord of Pain
  • 10 Daemonettes
  • 1 Hellflayer
  • 10 Hellstrider
  • 1 Melusai Ironscale
  • 5 Blood Sisters
  • 5 Blood Stalkers
  • 5 Khinerai Heartrenders
  • 1 token sheet
  • 2 range rulers
  • 9 warscroll cards
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